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Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

Explanation & Example of Banjo Rolls (00:42)
Uke Minutes - Fingerpicking Basics
Uke Minutes - Hammer-Pull Exercise
Bluegrass Riff in G
Bela Fleck playing Bach

Make Your Own Picking Pattern (7:40)
Uke Minutes - How To Create Finger Picking Patterns

Example of Ukulele Rolls (8:47)
Uke Minutes - The Roll

Explanation of In to Out Picking (9:04)
Uke Minutes - In to Out Picking

Explanation & Example of G String Pulloff (9:24)
Uke Minutes - Two-String Pulloffs
Solo Secrets Revealed - Adding Techniques to C Scale Solos

Experiment With Your Ukulele (10:10)
Jake Shimabukuro playing Ukulele like a Koto (Japanese Instrument)
James Hill playing with Chopsticks and a Comb

Fitting the Banjo Roll Into 4/4 Time (11:41)
Uke Minutes - Fingerpicking Rhythm

Getting out of the Folk & Bluegrass Genre (13:40)
Jam Tracks and Riffs
"Red and Silky" Aldrine's Song
Red and Silky Lesson
Different Techniques from Different Genres

Playing Different Styles & Genres (18:30)
"Let's Get it On" by Marvin Gaye
"Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer

Banjo Rolls in Different Keys (21:15)
Solo Secrets Revealed - Week 9 Reveal

Technique Check (23:55)
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Playing the Two-String Pulloffs With Different Strings (25:08)

Get Familiar With Your Ukulele (26:35)
Uke Minutes - Tremolo Picking
Ukulele 103 - Tremolo Picking
Imua Garza's Master Class - The Running Man
Imua Garza's Master Class - Finger Gallop

Is "Droning" Playing the Same Note Over and Over? (28:00)

Are the Live Lessons Going to Continue? (31:00)

Let us Know What you Want on UU+ (33:15)
Let us Know Here
Post Your Questions Here
Email Your Questions to aldrinemusic@gmail.com (Aldrine) and uumerch@gmail.com (Aaron & Kahai)

Difference between Bminor and Bminor7 (37:20)


  1. Sometimes my live feed cuts out — going back to the archives and reviewing is a great help. In this case, his answer about fitting picking patterns into 4/4 time by counting aloud at the same time really makes sense. I was over-thinking it… Thanks!

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