Lesson Description

Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

Audio Recording Tips (01:00)
Uke Minutes 135 - How to Record Your Ukulele
Uke Minutes 136 - How To Record Your Ukulele Using a Microphone

M-Audio USB Input Box
For Home Recording (Play-Along Videos), Aldrine uses:
CV-12 Avantone Microphone
Rode NT1000 Microphone
For Uke Lessons:
Radial JDI (Direct Input Box)
For Live Lessons:
Peavey PV6 USB Mixer
Kahai Uses:
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB Mixer

Other recommendations:
Shure SM58 (Vocal Mic)
Audio Technica Instrument Mics
Sweetwater (Online Music Instrument Catalog)
Musician's Friend (Online Music Instrument Catalog)

DI (Direct Input) Boxes (08:34)
On stage, Aldrine uses:
LR Baggs Venue

Software for Personal Ukulele Chord Library (10:34)
UU Blank Fill-in Chord Chart

More on DI Boxes (11:21)
New LR Baggs DI (NAMM 2015 Interview with LR Baggs)
Aaron uses:
LR Baggs Para DI

More on Ukulele Chord Library (14:12)
Roy Sakuma Treasury of Ukulele Chords

Looking for a New Ukulele (with a Wider Neck) (18:08)
Kanilea (Islander Ukulele) 1 1/2" Nut Width
Oscar Schmidt OU6W 1 3/4" Nut Width
Kamoa E3 Series
Pono Ukuleles (usually 1 3/8" Nut Width on Tenors)

Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome (23:02)

How to Best Use UU+ (26:23)
Ukulele Underground University Classes
Essential Chords Course
Practice Sessions
Mastering Your Fretboard
Solo Secrets Revealed
UU Song Library

How Does Aldrine Structure Private Lessons (32:21)

Playing The Triplet Strum - Tips (34:38)
Uke Minutes 80 - Triplet Strum

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