Hawaiian Ukulele 101 – Session 1: Hawaiian Language and Vamps


In this video lesson, Aldrine teaches you about the Hawaiian language, alphabet and pronunciation to help sing these songs we all love. The Hawaiian alphabet seems intimidating, but its actually a lot easier than you think! Aldrine will also teach you about vamps, an essential part of almost every Hawaiian song.


Hawaiian Ukulele 101 – Session 3: Strums and Rolls


In this video, Aldrine will show you how to use different strumming techniques to enhance the story telling aspect of Hawaiian music. Examples of some of the things you can do to change up your strum include removing strums, adding rolls, and introduce double time strumming.


Hawaiian Ukulele 101 – Session 4: Advanced Chord Structures


In this video, Aldrine will explain advanced chord structures for Hawaiian music and what chords are often swapped out in favor of chords used to build more tension or to enhance story telling. Some examples of this include adding 7th notes, introducing vamps within a verse, and swapping minor chords for 7th chords.