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Ukulele Underground member, Patrick Monette stopped by the Ukulele Underground studios to help us out with a session of "Duos" - the very first episode in an ongoing series that will feature ukulele players from all skill levels as they talk & jam with Aldrine, ask questions, and have a lot of fun with the ukulele.

The above segment contains abridged performances. To watch the complete versions of the songs played, check out the individual song videos below:



Get Lucky


  1. I am only a beginner and dream of being that skilled. I love Patricks song. His fingers are a blur!

  2. A great addition to the UU Video Library. Listening to Patrick’s story gives a newbie like me hope that I can make progress despite not starting at the age of four. 🙂

    Looking for to the next edition.

    Many thanks!

  3. I thought I would just browse through this video but I ended up watching the whole thing. It was so inspirational. I can really relate to Patrick and was encouraged by his perseverance. It gave me hope for myself. 🙂 He also gave me ideas how I can get out of my “doldrums” and improve. Very encouraging. Aldrine did a great job interviewing too with the right questions. Thanks.

  4. I really appreciate this new UU feature! It’s great to see the journeys other ukulele enthusiasts have taken to build their capability. Although not nearly as accomplished as Patrick, I learned a lot from his interaction with Aldrine. Maybe someday I can do a “Duo” with Aldrine to discuss the challenges of an aspiring player who is several notches below Patrick’s level :). Thank you, UU!

    … thanks to you UU-Guys … and P A T R I C K ! ! !
    … k e e p o n R O C K I N ‘ !!!
    … Mahalo nui loa & aloha from Bavaria straight to Kapaa, Hawaii.

  6. Awesome!!!
    I really hope to get to this level one day! Ive only been playing about a year now. Just wish I had a lot of friends around me to play too!

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