Lesson Description

Songs Played in the Jam:
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2:20 Drop Baby Drop (The Mana'o Company)
8:20 The Aldrine and Kahai Show Theme Song
11:10 Rhythm of Love (Plain White T's)
20:00 L-O-V-E (Nat King Cole)
28:05 Parody Contest Winner!
32:20 Imagine (John Lennon)
39:15 CMJ (Aldrine Guerrero)
51:50 Island Style (John Cruz)
54:45 Aldrine's Salute to the Troops

Drop Baby Drop
Rhythm of Love
Island Style


  1. 55:50 to the end of the program brought me to tears. Starting with the Star Spangled banner and ending with John Philip Sousa the Ukulele makes me proud of our 50th state and proud to be an American!!!!!!

    Additionally, Aldreen this is the first time I’ve seen you show what a master you are on the ukulele. Props!!!!!!!!!!!!

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