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In this episode of Uke Minutes we'll be showing you some tips to get a clean strum on your ukulele.

The first tip to getting that clean strum on the ukulele is to not lock your pointer finger. When you're strumming, you want your pointer finger bent and relaxed. When you strum the ukulele, you want to primarily be using your wrist, so having your pointer finger unlocked (but not limp like a noodle) will help you with that.

The second tip is you want to attack the strings cleanly. When strumming up and down, you'll be using specific parts of your finger to strum the strings (check out the video for these areas). When strumming, you don't want to have the strings touch anything past your nail on your finger. If you do, your fingers will likely get stuck and create a jerky sounding strum.

If you want to get more volume with your strum, you want to tilt your finger to get more of your nail involved in your strum. This will increase the volume of your strum. You can also, add your thumb to the mix and use your thumb nail on the up strums.

The third and last tip is to develop a natural swing. If you're focusing too much on strumming patterns, you'll end up sounding robotic. The goal is to stay in time, but also develop a natural sounding swing with your strum.

Combining these three tips will give you that clean strum on the ukulele you are looking for.

That's it for this quick lesson, We have hundred of videos just like this one, so if you found this useful, you can feel free to browse our video lesson library as well as our song library. And, if you're serious about taking your ukulele playing to the next level, you can join us in UU+, our premium membership service which is a combination of our premium courses as well as access to exclusive live classes and coaching from our teachers.


  1. cheers. mine was always on and off and i didn’t know how to strum. ill definately stay at your website. i’m going to try to learn to pick. thanks for making life easier

  2. Thanks Aldrine and Underground Ukesters. You keep me moving forward with my uke with your quick straight forward lessons. You answer a lot of my questions as a beginning uke player. Thanks a lot!

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