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In this lesson, Aldrine will be helping you learn the Second Beat Emphasis strum. This technique is useful if you want to get that island sound in your songs.

This technique is performed by first plucking the C string, then emphasizing the strings in the second beat (thus the name 'Second Beat Emphasis').


  1. Maholo Mahalo Mahalo! This learning process has been so challenging and fulfilling — I just have to be SO PATIENT.
    With respect to getting the Chunk in there: is there a reason that you are NOT using the thumb as the pick (to pick the C string) and then still use the thumb to srtum up?–(in the 2nd beat emphasis video) It makes it so much easier to be able to get the CHUNK in that way.
    How long have you been playing?

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Dawn,

      Aldrine answers you question in this week’s Thursday Live Lesson. He goes over your question at around the 3:00 mark. If you have any more questions and would like them answered in this format, you can leave you questions here, and catch Aldrine’s answer either live, or on the replay which is usually posted sometime the following day.

      -Kira (UU Staff)

  2. Aldrine,
    Just wanted to say THANKS for demystifying the strumming/ emphasis. There are no uke teachers here on the east coast.
    They’re really guitar players masquerading. I am a rank beginner on a solo learning adventure. Mostly working out of books. So glad I discovered your site. Keep on, Keep’ on.
    Thanks again for your generosity.
    You are an excellent player and teacher. Loving your voice on Let it Be and many other songs.

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