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In this episode of Uke Minutes, we'll be breaking down how to Chunk on the ukulele. This is one of the most widely used techniques when playing the ukulele and gives you a percussive sound when strumming.

If you are having trouble with Chunking, Week 4 of Ukulele 101 breaks down chunking in a 25 minute lesson giving you tips to master it more quickly.


  1. Chunk is easy if you know how to chuck. For me, chucking is harder but chunking which Aldrine is teaching is way easier. It is just laying your hand on the strings.

  2. In this lesson you emphasize using the side of the thumb to mute the strings. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen another chunking video you did and you say to use the palm to mute the strings. All other videos I’ve seen on chunking state to use the palm to mute – basically the fleshy part below the thumb. Which is correct?

    When chunking, I have a problem keeping my strum steady after the chunk especially if I use more than my index finger for the chunk. Any suggestions? Thanks! kbarrett3@roadrunner.com

  3. You need to put your uke at the same angle as his, if you have it perfectly horizontal it either doesnt work or you hit the A string a split second before you can touch it with your thumb.

  4. Thanks a lot Aldrine! You are so amazing! Have watched this video (and Week 4 of 101) over and over and finally know how to chunk.

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