15 Years of UU, Playing in Europe, and Playing by Ear

It's been 15 years of Ukulele Underground, and this week we're back with the 3 uketeers. Aldrine starts off the lesson by explaining what the Private Lessons are, and how they're different from the Live Coaching Sessions. He also ask the audience for some feedback on the Private Lessons. Aldrine explains why they don't play weddings, and the UU team points out the value of good wedding musicians. Aldrine talks about playing in Europe, and the guys give tips for playing by ear, and feel.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:08 Back to the 3 Uketeers

2:10 15 Years of UU

9:00 What are the Private Lessons?

13:45 How are the Private Lessons structured?

16:30 Why are the Private Lessons only 15 minutes?

20:10 What is the difference between Private Lessons and Live Coaching?

22:55 We like Seeing UUer's Progress

25:10 You can also ask questions and send us videos for review

27:30 Would you want more Private Lessons?

33:05 Have you played weddings before? Why don't you usually do Weddings?

36:00 Wedding Musicians are Amazing

41:35 Please Pay and Feed the Musicians

46:30 Have you played in Europe?

47:30 The difference between Hawaii and Europe Ukulele Players

51:00 Any advice on playing by ear?

56:25 Pros and Cons of Learning Visually and by Hearing

58:35 Playing by Feel

1:03:10 How does playing a different sized ukulele affect playing by feel?

1:06:00 Aldrine's Favorite Blind Musician

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