Drum Loops, Vocal Remedies, and Christmas Favorites

This week, UU is throwing a Christmas Party with some of our Favorite Guest: Mike, Kyle and Emily! Our Friends are joining us to answer questions about Drum Pedals, Effect Chains, Performing, and Vocal Remedies. We're also picking a winner for the last Songwriting Challenge, and opening some gifts. We end the podcast with our favorite Holiday Traditions, and Jingle Bells.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:15 Lots of Guest this Week

2:50 Why the Christmas Jam is Postponed to next Week

5:05 Opening a Christmas Card

7:45 Is it ok to keep the same strings on your uke? (String Reccomendation)

10:00 Old String Aren't Bad (Old School Strings)

13:35 Introducing Mike

14:30 Introducing Kyle

16:20 How Long has Kyle Played Ukulele? (How Kyle and Aldrine Met)

19:35 Introducing Emily

21:30 Mike's First Teaching Job (Being a Music Teacher)

22:55 Do you have recommendations for a Drum Backing Pedal?

24:15 Kyle's Pedal Chain

25:20 What is a Compression? (Gear Setup for Church)

27:25 Drum Pedal Alternatives

30:35 DAWs and Virtual Instruments

32:10 Beatboxing and Stomp box

34:30 Do you need a drummer?

35:15 Winners of the Songwriting Challenge

38:45 Giveaways

43:10 How many times do your perform, and what was the most you played?

49:20 What do you do if you lose your Voice? (Emily's Remedy and Tips)

53:15 Aldrine's Remedy and Story

59:10 Favorite Christmas Songs

1:00:50 Favorite Christmas Movies

1:02:30 Giveaway Winners

1:04:20 Favorite Christmas Treats

1:09:50 Favorite Christmas TV Specials

1:15:40 Opening Craig and Sarah's Box

1:19:50 Jingle Bells

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