Radius Fretboards, Stage Fright, & Chord Melody Arrangements

Matt Dahlberg joins us this week to discuss his new Chord Melody Course, Stage Fright, ukulele trends, and Radius Fretboards. Aldrine and Matt also demonstrate their individual approaches to Chord Melody Arrangements, and give their own examples of giving in to Uke Madness. If you want to learn how to make your own Chord Melodies, check out Unlocking Chord Melodies with Matt Dahlberg.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:19 It's a Me

3:20 Matt is here (How to throw a Birthday Party)

5:20 Matt's new Chord Melodies Course

10:40 Matt is an OG UU Member

12:10 thejumpingflea

13:25 How did Matt come up with this Course?

17:20 How we filmed the course

21:40 Matt's Concert

23:55 What is Matt's Advice for Stage Fright?

27:30 What is a Radius Fretboard?

29:20 Aldrine's Opinions on Radius Fretboards

30:55 Matt's Opinions on Radius Fretboards

34:40 Aaron's Opinions on Radius Fretboards

36:45 Kahai's Opinions on Radius Fretboards

39:20 New Trends and Giving in to the Madness

49:05 How would Aldrine arrange Lucy in the Sky as a Chord Melody?

53:05 How would Matt arrange Lucy in the Sky as a Chord Melody?

57:10 What is in Matt's Course?

59:25 Where can we find more of Matt?

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TUUP #27 - Stage Fright to Flow State
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