Great Teachers, Songwriting Challenge #33, and Playing While Standing

What makes the Ukulele a distinct instrument, and not just a smaller guitar? The UU Team has a lot of opinions for this particular question. We also discuss and recommend some great ukulele teachers, set a new Songwriting Challenge, and talk about form (both for sitting and standing). The podcast ends with the guys explaining why there are no new Song Lessons, giving teasers for upcoming UU Releases, and reminding everyone that Hawaii Does Not Observer Daylight Savings.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:20 Biweekly Q & O

3:10 Uke vs Guitar: What makes the Uke a distinct instrument? (Technique & Form)

9:00 The best Ukulele Form

14:45 Guitar Players teaching Ukulele

19:45 Ukulele Specific Techniques

21:10 Find a teacher that respects the Ukulele

31:05 We're not against Guitar

34:45 There's a bunch of Great Uke Teachers

38:05 Songwriting Challenge #34

Write about Blue Moon All Stars

Hawaiian Style
Key of Bb
Write a Love Song for your Uke

Due Date: December 2nd

45:15 Why is it easier to play while standing?

50:15 New Stuff and Why There's No New Song Lessons

57:45 Reminder: Hawaii Does Not Observe Daylight Savings

References/Resources for this video:
Tools and Resources - Guitar, Bass, Baritone, and Ukulele Relation Chart
Aloha Friday - April 8, 2022 Jam Replay (Aaron on Guitar)

Ukulele 100 - Lesson 1 (Proper Form)
Youtube - How to Hold Your Ukulele

Live Seminar - Intro to Baritone
UU+ Solos - Malagueña (Baritone Lesson)
TUUP #55 - Guitalele Challenge

TUUP #32 - Triplet Threat
Uke Minutes - Triplets
Uke Minutes - Triplet Strum
Uke Minutes - How to Shape a Thumb Pick
Uke Minutes - Using a Thumb Pick

Live Seminar - Intro to Jazz Ukulele with Craig and Sarah
TUUP #24 - Favorite Duet (ft. Craig and Sarah)
Youtube - Craig and Sarah

UU+ Course - Basic Strum Course (with Matt Dahlberg)
UU - Webcam Sessions (with Matt)
UU Concert - Matt Dahlberg's Virtual Concert + Duos
Youtube - Autumn Leaves (Matt's Tutorial)
UU+ Solos - Autumn Leaves

Website - Bryan Tolentino
Youtube - Bryan Tolentino
Website - Abe Lagrimas Jr.
Youtube - Abe Lagrimas Jr.
Website - Ukulenny
Youtube - Ukulenny
Website - Cynthia Lin
Youtube - Cynthia Lin
Website - Ukulele Hale
Youtube - Jody Kamisato, Honoka and Azita

UU+ Forum - Songwriting Challenge Megathread
TUUP #57 - DO A TREMOLO! (Last Songwriting Challenge)
Aloha Friday - August 19, 2022 Jam Replay (Aldrine's Last Song)
Website - Midnight Echoes (Cynthia and the Blue Moon All Stars)
Website - In Waves Album (U3:Cynthia Lin, Ukulenny, and Abe Largimas Jr.)
Uke Lesson - Love Song
Uke Lesson - Electric Boogie

TUUP #60 - Sheet Music: A Start, not the Goal (Mike Odo)
TUUP #30 - To Strap or Not to Strap?

Instagram - ukeunderground
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