Pickup Brands, Multi Tremolos, Conquering the Fretboard, and the Songwriting Challenge

When should a player start to learn Theory? After the last divisive podcast, this week the team tries to remind everyone that they're offering OPINIONS (usually) more than facts. This Week's OPINION is that you should wait before really getting into Music Theory. The guys explain why they think this way and how you can start to investigate Music Theory. Other topics discussed are pickup brands, tremolo-ing on 2 strings, learning the fretboard, and who comes up with the Play Along Song Arrangements. UU also reveals their songs for the latest Songwriting Challenge along with announcing the upcoming Stream Schedule for the Holidays.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:12 We had some rebuttals from the last podcast

5:25 What Pickup Brand Do you Use?

7:10 Other Pickup Brands

10:05 Is the Ukulele a better Shovel than the Guitar?

12:10 Simultaneous Tremolo Technique (Hitting Multiple Strings with a Tremolo)

15:35 Tremolo on 2 distant strings

16:50 Guitar Vs Ukulele String Spacing

17:55 Advice for Mastering Your Fretboard

20:10 Note Intimidation

26:40 Low G or High G?

28:45 Who arranged the Wahine Ilikea Play Along

30:20 Play Along Song Arrangements

33:15 When should someone learn music theory?

37:05 Learn to play first

40:45 How should you start learning theory?

42:10 Songwriting Challenge #34
Write about Blue Moon All Stars

Hawaiian Style
Key of Bb
Write a Love Song for your Uke

Member Due Date: December 9th

43:40 Aldrine's Song

52:10 Kahai's Song

57:50 Aaron's Song (ft. Aldrine)

1:03:00 No Aloha Friday next week, Song Challenges Due December 9th

1:07:15 Can you leave your fingers down as you play a scale?

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