Removing Scratches, Challenging Yourself, and Sheet Music's Limitations

Magic Mike Returns to help the UU Boys answer questions about scratch removal, cavaquinho tuning, and challenging yourself past 4 chord songs. Along the way, Mike and the team share insights into Old School Jazz Trials, Time Signatures, Learning a Groove, and Sheet Music as a tool. The podcast ends with some starter ukulele suggestions, and an announcement of a Special Guest on next week's Aloha Friday Jam.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:10 Mike is back on the Podcast

2:35 What is the best way to remove scratches on an Ukulele?

5:35 Affecting the Value of an Instrument

10:40 Buffing and Polishing Ukes

12:50 Put on a Scratch Guard (What do you use to clean your uke?)

14:45 Can an Ukulele be tuned like a Cavaquinho?

22:25 What comes after 4 chord songs?

26:35 Challenge Yourself

29:05 Old School Jazz Trials

34:10 Aldrine's Charlie Parker Moment

35:10 Dig Deeper in simple songs

38:05 Can you explain the timing of Beautiful Kauai? (Time Signatures)

42:50 The Complexity of Sheet Music Rhythm

45:20 Groove vs Strumming Patterns

48:00 Working beyond Strumming Patterns

50:40 Sheet Music is the Start not the Goal

54:50 Learning by Ear and Following the Groove

57:50 Would the Kala Bamboo be a good starter uke?

1:00:00 The Plant a Tree Box Set

1:04:19 Good Starter Ukuleles are Cheap now

1:06:00 Different Starter Budgets for Different People

1:08:50 We have our own "Shop" not "Store"

1:11:50 Cynthia Lin will be on Next Week's Aloha Friday Jam

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