String Balance, Multi Stringed Ukes, Intonation and String Opinions

Do you have a good Work-String Balance? The UU Team is here to help you find a healthy way to balance your strings and get good intonation as well. The boys also look at 5 string ukuleles, playing different sized ukes, Baritone Tuning, and Why you want to Tune Up, but not Down?

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:05 Do we have As, Os, or Qs?

2:45 How do you tune a Baritone?

6:00 Are 5 string ukuleles better than 4 string ukes?

9:10 Playing to an Instruments Strengths

11:40 Kalei on an 8 String

14:20 A Real Artist can Paint with Any Brush

17:00 Myth: You need to play the Uke Size that matches you

19:25 Learning past limitations

24:00 What is your opinion on strings?

26:00 What is your thoughts about wound strings?

28:00 The problem with C String

32:30 String Balance and Saddles

36:15 Compensated Saddles and Intonation

40:10 When do I change my strings?

45:55 How long does it take to Balance an Ukulele?

47:05 Why do you only want to tune up? (Tuning Tips)

52:00 An example of Intonation Problems

53:20 Why do your own set up?

56:30 Could you buy a 5 string uke and only put on 4 strings? (DIY Instruments)

58:35 Chocolates, Songwriting Challenge, and Spooky Aloha Friday Jam

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UU+ Forum - Songwriting Challenge Megathread (Past Challenges)
Website - Midnight Echoes (Cynthia Lin and the Blue Moon All Stars)
Website - In Waves CD
Aloha Friday - October 29, 2021 Halloween Jam Replay

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