Wrestling, Mic Slides, Spiders and Live Music

The Week, the team is back from their brief tour, and they brought Magic Mike along with them! Because Mike is on the pod, Aldrine and Mike give their top wrestling match recommendations. After that tangent, Aldrine explains his mic stand slide, and the spider exercise. The guys divulge what they did on Oahu and in California, while Mike answers a previously asked diminished chord question. Mike and Aldrine give their music recommendations, talk about the upcoming Seattle Live Aloha Festival, and give a special shout-out before closing the show.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:16 The Boys and Mike are back (Sorry for the Audio)

6:55 What is Mike's Favorite WWE and WWF Matches?

11:45 Aldrine's Favorite WWE and WWF Matches

13:10 What does Aldrine look for when he uses a Mic Stand as a Slide?

17:55 Can you explain the Spider Exercise?

21:25 What are the benefits of the Spider?

24:55 What did we do on Oahu?

28:25 Hanging out with Kanile`a

33:55 Jamming vs a Rehearsed Concert

39:15 Are diminished chords 7th chords?

44:30 Mike's music recommendations

47:55 Aldrine's music recommendations

53:15 UKE-CON and Island Bazaar

56:05 Watching Music Live

1:00:55 Seattle Live Aloha Festival

1:05:15 Mike's Shout-out

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