Uke Opinions, Effects Pedals, & Learning the Fretboard

What makes a Uke Wrong for you, might make it Right for someone else. The guys talk about preferences in ukes, pickups, and pedals on this week's podcast. Aldrine couldn't join the show in person, but he still managed to be be beamed in from home. Voltron should be complete next week.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:25 Aaron does the intro

3:25 Should I get a Pickup for a Soprano?

7:45 Alternative Pickup Options

15:35 What do you think of the Risa Stick?

17:45 Can I put a Low G on the Risa Stick?

21:24 There's a Uke for Everybody

27:20 If my A string get's pulled off the neck, am I pulling too hard?

31:20 What's a good Reverb and Delay Pedal for the Ukulele?

40:00 Have you tried the Tonewood Amp?

44:05 What's the best way to learn fretboard theory?

50:45 Applying fretboard theory

53:30 What is your opinion of resonator ukuleles?

55:20 Buying Music Gear that you don't regret

58:30 What makes Resonator Instruments Special

1:03:20 Is it ok to tune Baritone to GCEA?

1:05:10 Get the Right String for the Tuning (Dropping Names)

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