Anime, Filipino Foods, Diminished Chords and Aldrine's Origins

As a famous Hare once said, "DO A TREMOLO!" This week the boys are back and giving their best advice for a sticky tremolo. Before they tackle that problem, the team answers important questions like what is the best anime, and what is your favorite Filipino food? They also discuss some real ukulele topics such as the diminished chord, stretching strings for open tunings, and how Aldrine is preparing for the upcoming concert. Kahai and Aaron show their Song Submissions for the Challenge (Aldrine's is coming soon), and pick the winner from the Member's Submissions.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:14 The Boys are back

3:50 Songwriting Challenge is due today

6:55 What is the best anime show?

10:50 What are you doing to prepare for the San Diego Concert?

17:35 Is a Diminished Chord always a 7th?

19:00 What is your Favorite Filipino Food?

21:05 Is the One Piece anime worth it?

22:20 Why is my thumb tremolo getting stuck?

25:55 Is it easy to tremolo with a pick?

27:30 Does flat mean minor, does sharp mean major?

31:50 How much can I stretch strings for Open Tunings?

38:15 Playing without knowing

40:55 Is a wound low G common?

41:45 Can you use your pointer finger for the tremolo?

45:00 Pros and Cons of different picking fingers

46:15 Why did Aldrine start playing ukulele?

51:15 Songwriting Challenge #33
Key of A
Chords in the Key of A: A, Bm, C#m, D, E, F#m, G#dim

Topic: Juicy Fruits

Hats and Clothes
Big Warm Sunny Day
Ghost Peppers

52:15 Kahai's Song

56:25 Aaron's Song

1:04:15 Member Submitted Songs and Picking a Winner

1:08:40 Upcoming Festivals, Shows, and Virtual Concert with Matt Dahlberg

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