Plagiarizing, Transposing Inversions, & Staying Relaxed

The UU guys are back to talk Inversions and Movable Chords; plagiarizing and being influenced; and avoiding injuries related to ukulele playing. Aldrine also demonstrates three levels of utilizing inversions/chord shapes, and keeping a relaxed form while playing. The team ends this week's discussion with how often strings SHOULD be changed versus how often they REALLY are.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:27 Talking about Real Issues

4:20 Are Chord Inversions and Movable Chords the Same thing?

11:15 Easy Application of Chord Shapes

12:45 Using Shapes to Transpose

13:45 Advanced Application of Chord Shapes & Inversions

17:25 Using Inversions for Solos & Strumming

19:20 How do you know that you didn't plagiarized a song?

24:25 Aldrine's coincidental Song

29:25 Music used to be Public Knowledge, and Parodies

32:55 Everyone's Influenced by other Artist

35:55 Have you experienced "Ukulele" Elbow?

43:00 Avoiding discomfort and stiffness

48:05 Keeping Your Chording Hand Relaxed

52:20 You can always ask us for feedback

55:30 My Body isn't made for ukulele, You make playing look Easy

1:00:05 How often do you change your strings?

1:03:50 Scarborough Fair Solo, Upcoming Shows and Dates

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