Chord Inversions, Fingerstlye Chord Melodies & a Juicy Challenge

Guitalele or Ukulele? The answer may shock you (or not). This week, we set a new "Juicy" songwriting challenge, look at chord inversions/melodies, and receive a Spirited gift from a member.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:11 We're Manly Guys

4:25 The Songwriting Challenge

6:05 Instrumental Songwriting

9:00 Writing Lyrics

10:00 Setting Songwriting Challenge #33
Key of A
Chords in the Key of A: A, Bm, C#m, D, E, F#m, G#dim

Topic: Juicy Fruits

Hats and Clothes
Big Warm Sunny Day
Ghost Peppers

Due Dates:
August 5th for UU Team
August 19th for everyone else

12:15 Lyrical Placeholders

13:55 Picking the Song Topic and Bonusses

20:50 Guitalele vs Ukulele

23:10 Guitalele Demonstration

28:50 Guitalele: Not the best Starter Instrument

31:00 What strings are on the GL6 (Tangent: The Ukulele Site Podcast)

33:05 Learning Chords Higher Up the Neck (Chord Inversions)

36:55 Practicing and Applying Chord Inversions

40:45 Arranging Chord Melodies and Fingerpicking

45:10 Fingerstyle, Chord Melodies, and Buzzwords

47:05 Drunken Master Style Ukulele (Gifts from a member)

51:20 Low or High G

54:30 Performance Set Ups

57:10 New Song, Next Concert, Upcoming Show Dates

References/Resources for this video:
Youtube - We Like Sportz (Strong Language)
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TUUP #48 - Unifying Nails (Our Last Songwriting Submissions)

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Youtube - Hello, Goodbye
Youtube - Yesterday
Website - How "Scrambled Eggs" Evolved into one of the Most Recorded Songs
Uke Lesson - Something

Youtube - One Person Duet
Youtube - James Hill
TUUP #52 - Talking Uke Heads (ft. James Hill)
Website - James Hill Duets for One

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Uke Lesson - Under the Boardwalk
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Article - 6-String Ukulele vs. Guitalele
TUUP #51 - Singing Praise for Bob’s Burgers (Guitalele: more Guitar or Ukulele?)
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Ukulele 102 – Week 6: Chord Inversions & Extensions
Webcam Sessions – Figuring Out Chord Inversions
Improvement Systems - Solo Secrets Revealed (Chord Inversions)
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Uke Lesson - Drop Baby Drop
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Website - Bespoken Spirits
TUUP #47 - Rolling with Robb (Hot Sauce Gifts)
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TLL Podcast #136 – Hot Changes Incoming

TUUP #21 - Join the Club! (High or Low G Talk)
TLL Podcast #130 – High Gs & Apologies
TLL Podcast #127 – Low High Afternoon Sky
Youtube - ukuleleoversoul (Aldrine's Channel)
Youtube - Herb Ohta Jr.

Uke Lesson - Have You Ever Seen the Rain
UU+ - Virtual Concert Replay
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