Magic Mike, Power Chords, Tonewoods, and Music Picks,

After almost a whole year, Magic Mike has made his triumphant return to teach us with Great Power Chords comes Great Responsibility (or something like that). Before we dive into Power Chords (what they are, how you use them, and how they can help with key changes), Mike tells us about real podcast listeners who visited him, and answers if they carry Baritones at the Music Store. The guys also discuss whether there is enough Koa Wood, and explain alternatives to endangered or hard to get wood. Tonal Quality, Music Recommendations, and even some tangents on DDR and Charisma points are all examined and reviewed on this week's podcast.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:09 Mike's back

4:00 Podcast Listeners Visited Mike

7:25 Why do real musicians listen to the podcast?

10:30 Does Mike's store carry Baritone Ukuleles?

12:20 When is Aldrine going to finish his personal video challenge?

14:05 What are power chords?

19:05 Power chords work well with distortion and are easy to learn

22:05 Using Power Chords to Jump between Major and Minor Keys

25:20 Is there enough Koa Wood?

26:50 Acacia and Koa

31:45 East Indian Rosewood and Koa Wood Stand Ins

35:25 Tonewoods and Construction (Why you can't always trust sound demos)

41:00 What does it mean when you describe an ukulele as darker or warmer?

46:50 Charisma Points and DDR

50:10 Do you have more recommendations like BoyWithUke?

53:10 Mike's Suggestions

55:40 Aldrine's Suggestion

59:00 How much does Solid Wood matter with a Soprano Uke?

1:00:40 Approaching a Soprano

1:02:55 Why does an Ukulele Cost so much when it doesn't use as much wood

1:06:25 Where to Find Mike and the UU team on Kauai

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