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This week, we're getting personal, and talking about You. Specifically, we're discussing using DAWS, and Recoding Techniques that fit you, and how you may try to emulate someone else's style, but you will still sound like you. Before the boys jump into staying true to You, they welcome Aaron back and talk about starting an Ukulele Circle/Club. They also explain some quick strap options, and describe the Banjo Uke and Tahitian Ukulele's Characteristics. The team tops up the podcast with some announcements on future shows, and quick recaps on Aaron and Aldrine's respective trips.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:10 Aaron is back

4:10 How does someone start an Ukulele Circle?

10:30 What about starting an Ukulele Club?

13:25 Prepare Sheet Music and Use the Internet

17:55 Ukulele Circle Formats

19:55 Is it ok to have Jams outside of Restaurants?

22:20 Quick Straps for Ukulele

26:00 Banjo Ukes' Characteristics

29:00 What DAW do you use? What do you recommend?

31:10 Try the Trial and Lite Version of a DAW

33:20 Find a DAW that fits you

37:00 Mic Placement and Recording Locations

41:05 Record for your own Preferences

45:10 Thoughts on the Tahitian Banjo

46:55 How did Herb Ohta get his signature tone and feel?

50:40 There is no one alive who is Youer than You

52:40 How was Aaron's Trip?

55:20 UU Summer Shows and Tours

1:02:35 Aldrine went to the Bob's Burgers Premier

1:05:15 Aldrine's Awkward moment with Eugene Mirman

1:15:10 Let us know if you want UU to come to your town

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