Influences, Refurbished Ukes, 16th Notes and Singing While Playing

You might not know, but we're actually Big Bob's Burgers Fans. Before we sing praises for the small indie cartoon, Aldrine divulges how many ukes he has, we give suggestions for string slipping, and we discuss what musical groups influenced UU. The team also gives advice for 16th note practices, Singing while Playing, and starter ukuleles. We learn what is the likely culprit of a "squeaky" string, and what exactly is a guitalele? The podcast is finished with the guys reminding everyone that there are no Private Lessons, Jam or Live Coaching Next week, but there is a special BB themed UU+ Solos.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:08 Is this the Jam or the Podcast?

3:15 Kahea and Kaniho

5:55 Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse?

6:30 How Many Ukes does Aldrine have?

8:30 Do all your ukuleles have humidifiers? (Leaving Ukes around kids)

11:15 Refurbished Ukulele String Slipping

18:25 What Musical Groups Influenced Ukulele Underground?

20:25 Learning music in Hawaii

24:25 What is the best color for an ukulele?

26:55 How do I Practice 16th Notes?

31:40 What do you think of the Donner Ukuleles? (Starter Ukuleles)

35:50 Buying an ukulele from a reputable source

38:55 Singing and Playing Advice

42:50 Using Simple Songs to Learn Singing and Playing

45:45 Avoiding "Squeak" Sounds

49:35 Is Guitalele, more Guitar or Ukulele?

54:30 Don't be pressured to learn Baritone or Guitalele

59:20 Bob's Burgers is the Best (No Jam, Live Coaching or Private Lessons Next Week)

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