Gel Nails, Fingerpicks, Pedal points & the Songwriting Challenge

After a short break, Aaron, the Voice, rejoins the boys. On this week's podcast, the team discusses the pros and cons of Fake Nails, Gel Nails, and Fingerpicks. Aldrine gives examples of his own experiences with each choice. A UU+ member asks if they can string a Baritone to GCEA? The guys try to tackle a musical technique that they aren't familiar with. UU reveals their song submissions for the Challenge, and they remind everyone of the new things in the shop, the upcoming Virtual Concert and the Open Mic.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:18 We are back in the Office with Aaron

4:40 Do you know anyone who uses fake nails for picking?

10:00 Gel Nails are not Foolproof

14:20 Are Fingerpicks a Solution?

17:55 Nails get stronger, but not invincible

21:30 Can I tune a Baritone to GCEA?

24:50 People should play the Ukulele in new ways

28:10 How do you approach Pedal Points?

32:55 Are you going to perform in Vegas? (What about other places?)

35:55 New things in the shop and new Song Lesson

37:40 Songwriting Challenge #32

Key of F
Use a 7th Chord (Major, minor, Dominant, any)

Doo Wop
Marley Style

40:00 Aldrine's Song

49:40 Kahai's Song

54:50 Aaron's Song

1:03:00 Audience's Songs & Prizes

1:06:10 Virtual Concert and Open Mic next week

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