Breaking Strings, Intonation, Guitar Tabs, and Modern Ukuleles

This week we're joined by a special guest and we recap the first UU Virtual Concert. The guys recount Aldrine's recovery when his string broke, and some other unforeseen hiccups during the Concert. The team answers questions about older instruments' intonation, using guitar tabs, and the difference of a longer ukulele with more strings. A member asks if modern techniques make better and more durable ukuleles? Special guest, Heather Toshiko (Aldrine's better half) joins us on the podcast to talk about the videos she's been in, and give us a little look at the behind the scenes of UU. The podcast is topped off with another inquiry on when will there be merch in the UU Store?

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:23 Special Guest and the Last Week's Concert

4:25 Aldrine broke a string during the Concert

8:10 Aldrine's thought process when the string broke

13:55 What would Aldrine do if he had to re-string mid show?

19:05 Other things that happened during the Concert

22:00 Do older instruments have problem with intonations?

29:40 What is Cents?

31:15 How do you rework a Guitar Tab for Ukulele?

34:00 How different is a 19 inch 5 string ukulele?

37:00 Does modern techniques make better ukuleles?

42:25 Will modern ukuleles hold up better? (Materials affect builds too)

46:25 Heather comes on the podcast

55:25 Heather has helped out behind the scenes

57:40 New UU+ Solos (How long does Aldrine take for UU+ Solos?)

1:00:50 When is hats and shirts coming to the UU Shop?

References/Resources for this video:
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UU Shop - Virtual Concert All Access Pass (Non UU+ Members can still buy tickets)
Youtube - Shootin' Some B-Ball Outside of the School

Uke Lesson - Europa
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Aloha Friday - March 19, 2021 Jam Replay (Breezin)

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UU Blog - Ukulele Sizes
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Youtube - Let it Be Preview
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Uke Lesson - Ei Nei
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