Endgame Ukuleles, Fretboard Markers, and a Uke Buying Checklist

When do you know what Uke is your "Soul" Uke? Is there ever really an Endgame Ukulele? We try to tackle these questions this week, along with giving a ukulele buyers checklist and answering some questions about 5 or more stringed ukuleles. The end of the podcast is spent talking about Up and Coming Ukulele Stars, and Proving that We're still "Hip".

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:11 Should we give love and life advice?

2:25 How do I meet my "Soul" Uke?

6:40 Sentimental Ukuleles

8:55 Advancements in Ukulele

10:45 Aldrine's Signature Ukulele

13:40 You know when it's your "Soul" Uke

15:45 What Ukulele does Aldrine play the most at home?

17:15 When Aldrine realized he had a monster Uke

19:40 Fretboard Markers

21:30 Aldrine's homemade Fretboard Markers and Strap

24:30 Owning a cheap beater instrument

25:55 Tuning a 5 or more string ukuleles

29:45 Double Course String Effect (Breaking Strings)

36:00 The Most Embarrassing String Adrine Broke

38:00 Aldrine has a different threshold

39:45 Ukulele Buying Checklist

45:35 Look for an Ukulele that fits you

49:45 Rio and Ryo

52:00 BoyWithUke (Modern Ukulele)

58:20 How Do You Do Fellow Kids (Music Reccomendation)

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