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Dear Crystal Ball, when will Ukulele Underground hold it's Virtual Concert? This week the UU Team is discussing when the Virtual Concert might be held, what it may look like, and even some future performers and guest. The guys also ask for help from any designers or apparel specialist. A viewer asks when Aldrine and the UU Boys might go to the East Coast? Aldrine explains why UU has been hesitant about participating in live events, and gives a positive outlook for future events. One member asks why they might be experiencing string buzzing after changing their strings? This leads to Aldrine divulging his superstition of not cutting strings. We answer a couple of questions about performers hurting their voices and tuning preferences before setting the Guidelines for a new Songwriting Challenge. We wrap up with a Bass Ukulele Strings discussion, and explaining why Magic Mike hasn't been on the podcast in a while.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:18 A lot of things to discuss today

2:00 The Upcoming UU "Concert"

4:45 Day and Time of the UU Concert

8:05 UU Apparel (If You are a Designer and want to work with UU, email questions@ukuleleunderground.com)

11:20 Time Differences and Daylight Savings

14:30 Future Guest for the Concert

17:30 If you want to watch the Concert and more, sign up for UU+

20:30 When is the next time you're coming to the East Coast?

27:50 String Buzzing Origins

34:20 Aldrine's String Superstition

38:45 Do performers hurt their voices because they sing when they are sick?

43:10 C6 or D6 Tuning? (Standard or Whole Step Up)

44:35 Songwriting Challenge #32

Key of F
Use a 7th Chord (Major, minor, Dominant, any)

Doo Wop
Marley Style

Due Date: April 1st

51:50 Difference between Major 7th and Dominant 7th

58:35 Any Tips for good Ukulele Bass Strings? (Aldrine's Youtube Channel)

1:02:25 When is Magic Mike coming back on the podcast?

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