Secret Pitches, The Roll, Salsa, Hot Sauce, & Flying Saucers

Friend and UU Member, Robb the Uke Guy, joins us on this week's podcast. After an intro song from Robb and intro from Robb, Aldrine starts off the podcast by answering a question about "Secret Pitches". The guys then try to help Robb with tackling the Roll. Aldrine turns the tables, and ask Robb what he thinks about the UU experience? We get a history of Robb's music experience and how he was introduced to the ukulele. Aldrine has his own analogy for ukulele introductions. Robb surprises the guys with gifts from Rehoboth, and Aldrine gives Robb a Kauai delicacy. The podcast is topped off with advice for UAS, and an announcement about the UU Virtual Concert.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Intro to Robb and from Robb

2:20 #FreeRocko (What is Rocko?)

3:50 Playing Secret Pitches Past the Fretboard

9:30 Helping Robb with the Roll

18:00 One finger at a time

23:15 Teletype and Arthritis

24:55 How long has Robb been a UU member? What attracted him to UU?

28:00 What does Robb want to see from UU?

31:05 Why doesn't UU offer longer Private Lessons?

32:30 What is Robb's experience with music?

38:55 What made Robb switch from Guitar to Uke?

39:50 Aldrine's instrument history

43:05 Did you instantly like ukulele? (Powder Milk vs Fresh Milk)

45:30 We're not like other ukulele podcast

46:50 Salsa and Hot Sauce Taste Test

48:15 Robb's Moore Bettah Ukulele

51:40 What is UAS? Is there a cure?

57:10 How many Ukes does Robb have?

58:50 Flying Saucer Taste Test

1:04:15 Ukulele Underground Concert Tickets now Live

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