Learn to play "House At Pooh Corner" (Loggins & Messina) on Ukulele

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Hey UUers!

This month on Uke Lessons, it's an awesome ukulele cover of "House At Pooh Corner" by Loggins and Messina. Originally written by Kenny Loggins, this one was covered in the 90s by the iconic Hawaii band, The Ka'au Crater Boys. So the "House At Pooh Corner" Ukulele Play-Along (above) covered by Aldrine is an ukulele cover of the Ka'au Crater Boys' version. Check out the Play-Along and try playing along - and as always, if you need help learning the song, start with any of the steps below:

STEP 1 - Chords

Start by learning these 6 simple ukulele chords for the Verse and Pre-Chorus:

Ukulele Chords:  D, Em, F#m, Bm7, G, A
D(2220), Em(0432), F#m(2120), Bm7(2222), G(0232), A(2100)

Be sure to learn all of the chords by name and practice holding and switching between them. The switch between F#m and Bm7 is probably the toughest one, but once you get comfortable it should be a breeze.

Next, learn these additional 5 ukulele chords that you'll be using for the Chorus:

Ukulele Chords:  D, F#m, Fm, Em, Cmaj7
D(2225), F#m(X654), Fm(X543), Em(0432), Cmaj7(0002)

Notice that the basic shape of the F#m, Fm, and Em stays pretty much exactly the same, so practice holding and sliding the shape down one fret at a time. When you've got the chords down, head up to the top of the page and try playing along with the "House At Pooh Corner" Ukulele Play-Along to practice. When you're ready to tackle the order that these chords will be played in, move on to Step 2:

STEP 2 - Chord Progression / Structure

For a printable overview of how the song goes, with lyrics and chords, check out the "House At Pooh Corner" Chord Sheet (link)

Now learn the order of the chords for the different parts of the song.

The Verse
House At Pooh Corner Verse Chords 1
D, Em, F#m, Bm7, G, A, D, A

Feel free to strum down once on each chord, in this order, holding each chord for two beats. After that, the second half of the Verse is essentially just a repeat of the first half, except that you hold the last D chord for another two beats, instead of switching to the A.

House At Pooh Corner Verse Chords 2
D, Em, F#m, Bm7, G, A, D, D
The Pre-Chorus
House At Pooh Corner Pre-Chorus Chords
Bm7, Bm7, F#m, F#m, G, G, Em, A
The Chorus
House At Pooh Corner Chorus Chords 1
D, F#m => Em, A

Notice the arrow between the F#m and the Em. During the beat between these chords, slide the shape down one fret to hit the Fm chord. You will repeat this pattern 3 times. Then move on to the next part of the Chorus:

House At Pooh Corner Chorus Chords 2
F#m, F#m, Bm7, Bm7

Here you hold the F#m for 4 beats and the Bm7 for 4 beats, then repeat. After that, move on the end of the Chorus which includes these chords:

House At Pooh Corner Chorus Chords 3
G, F#m, Bm7, Bm7, Cmaj7, Cmaj7, Cmaj7, Cmaj7

That's pretty much all of the chord progressions for this song. Try it out using simple down strums to practice the progressions by playing along with the "House At Pooh Corner" Ukulele Play-Along at the top of the page. Great job, you just played the whole song! If you want to learn how to do the fingerpicking rhythm, continue on to Step 3:

STEP 3 - Fingerpicking

Finally, the fingerpicking parts for this song are pretty simple. For fingerpicking, try anchoring the pinky finger of your plucking hand on the soundboard of your ukulele to keep it steady. Then assign your thumb to the C string, index finger to the E string, and middle finger to the A string. The basic fingerpicking pattern is C, E, A, E for every 2-beat chord. There are a few variations (see Aldrine's explanation video above), but try it out and see what works for you.

When you get the hang of the fingerpicking rhythm, try it out using the "House At Pooh Corner" Ukulele Play-Along at the top of the page and play along with the entire song. Nice! You have everything you need in order to play "House At Pooh Corner" on the ukulele!

As a note: in the Play-Along video, the Aldrine on the right is playing a baritone ukulele. Feel free to use the same chords (playing the baritone fingerings for each chord) and the same fingerpicking pattern if you have a baritone ukulele. It works!

If you like this cover, be sure to check out our tutorial for "Danny's Song" which is also by Loggins & Messina, or our tutorial library of more tunes by The Ka'au Crater Boys. As always, if you have any questions or need help learning to play the ukulele, simply send a message! Keep strummin'

-UU Staff


  1. Just stumbled across this site and loved the tutorial for House at Pooh Corner! Thank you so much. Will explore site more thoroughly and subscribe for lessons.

  2. Haven’t heard this song in years. Was a great surprise to have it pop up in UU+. Really enjoying learning Pooh corner and it sounds great solo.

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