Platinum Ukuleles, Innovations, and the Future of UU

FUSION HA! Last Saturday, it was announced that UU has officially been acquired by Kanile`a. Kaimana from Kanile`a joined us to answer what the acquisition means for Ukulele Underground. Before we get to the big topic, we also talk about some of the other announcements made during Kanile`a's 2022 Showcase. In particular we discuss the new Builder's Experience and the 2022 Platinum model. After that, Kaimana reassures some of the audience's worries by explaining that UU is not going to drastically change, and that UU and Kanile`a have already been working together for months. Aldrine explains why the merge happened in the first place, and Aaron uses Disney, Marvel, and Pixar as an analogy for how the new partnership works. The guys also talk about how the public forum won't change, and how any changes is for functional reasons. Now that the elephant in the room has been addressed, UU members ask Kaimana more specific ukulele questions: how much is the platinum, what about the AGXAQ strings, are GOTOH Stealth Tuners discontinued, and what is Master Grade Koa? Sprinkled along the way, the gang also discusses Ukulele's roots in Portugal, Kanile`a's innovations, a Souza family performance, and the purpose of the Platinum models. We top off the podcast with some teasers for future plans and what can be expected now that Kanile`a and UU are one big happy family.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Big News

2:00 Welcome Kaimana to the Podcast

3:20 The Builder's Experience

6:35 The 2022 Platinum Ukulele

11:15 UU has been acquired by Kanile`a `Ukulele (What does that mean?)

13:40 Why was UU acquired?

19:05 How UU and Kanile`a's missions align

23:15 Kanile`a and UU are like Marvel and Pixar

27:25 What is going to happen to the public UU forum?

34:55 How much is the Platinum and how many have been sold? (What is the purpose of the Platinum Model?)

40:30 Kanile`a is always innovating and open to trying new things

43:40 Now that Kanile`a has switched to worth clear strings, where does that leave the AGXAQ strings?

47:50 Are GOTOH Stealth Tuners discontinued?

48:40 Will Kaimana perform? (Getting the Whole Souza Family to perform)

51:00 The roots of Ukulele is Portugal

54:30 What is Master Grade Koa?

57:35 The Facebook Group and Moderators

59:25 Examples of Different Grades of Koa

1:01:45 Do you plan to have ukuleles with built in audio effects? (Can people ask for different pickups?)

1:04:20 UU+ Member Discount

1:04:55 Future Plans

1:11:05 What about Islanders X Ukulele Underground?

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