Open Ukuleles, Tonerite, Scales & Chord Families

We are back this week talking about "Opening" Ukuleles and whether it's more important to learn scales or chord families? Aldrine starts the podcast by explaining what it means when an Ukulele opens up, and demonstrating with two ukuleles in the office. The discussion turns to speeding up the opening process with a tool, and if it's worth it. A UU Member asks if they should prioritize learning Scales or Chord Families. The guys share their thoughts and describe how they would suggest learning a scale. They also give an example of their Favorite local musician who doesn't know Music Theory, and why you can get by from only knowing the basics. The UU Team offers suggestions for sheet music apps, and tips for memorizing songs before topping off the podcast with a demonstration of "fixing" wrong chords.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:20 Podcast Intro

2:55 What does it mean when an Ukulele Opens Up?

6:15 Open Ukulele Demo

9:30 Speeding Up the Opening Up Process (Tonerite)

12:00 Is the Tonerite worth it?

19:50 Is it because the wood is Alive? Does Curl affect the sound too?

25:15 Is it more beneficial to learn Scales or Chord Families?

27:20 Practicing a Scale

29:50 Applying the Scale, Learning Keys

33:00 Knowing Your Major and Minor Scales and Chords can get you far

38:10 If you don't need to know Music Theory why would you learn it?

45:50 Is there an app for sheet music?

48:50 Tips for memorizing songs

55:30 Can you fix a wrong chord?

58:50 Playing when you don't know the chord progression

1:02:05 Get Lovefool stuck in your head

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