Letters, Presents, Beatle's Songs, & the Best Strumming Sequence

Here's the mail, it never fails, it makes me wanna wag my tail. When it comes I wanna wail mail! If you couldn't guess, we get mail on this week's podcast. Before we open letters and even some presents, we answer a few questions. We can't give our opinion on The Beatles' Get Back documentary because we haven't seen it, but Aldrine does demonstrate pentatonic scales when he shows how you can improvise over "Have you Ever Seen the Rain?" After opening some touching letters and personalized gifts, we answer what is the best strum sequence, and explain why we don't use strumming patterns anymore. Aldrine gives some thin string recommendations, and the guys discuss electric (amplified and solid body) ukuleles. The podcast is topped off with Aldrine asking the Audience if they would like to see more Online Concerts from UU?

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 The First Frodcast of the Year

3:00 What did you think of the Get back? (We didn't watch it)

5:45 This month's Beatles Lesson

8:05 Soloing/Improvising for "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"

13:40 Can you explain the Pentatonic Scale?

17:15 Improvising with less notes

21:00 How important is it to learn scales?

26:15 Mail time, Mail time, Mail time!

39:00 Can you use the Pentatonic Scale instead of a more complicated picking?

40:05 What is your best strum sequence (pattern)?

45:35 The Origin of Strumming Patterns on UU

49:40 Why we don't use Strumming Patterns anymore

53:00 Do you have thinner string reccomendations?

55:25 What do you think of Electric Ukuleles?

59:15 Why companies don't make Solid Body Electric Ukuleles? (And those that do)

1:00:55 Do you guys want us to do online Concerts?

1:03:45 Support Ukulele Underground by Signing up for UU+, Visit the UU Shop

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