The New UU Shop, Secret Santas, Cleaning Your Fretboard & 5/4 Time

This week, the guys are pulling out their red coats and growing their beards as they announce the opening of the UU Shop, and reveal who gets their secret Santa Songs. But before the reveals and announcements, the team answers questions about skin difficulties with fretwires, 5/4 time, and convincing your significant other that you should get a new ukulele. UU also tackles giving advice for learning new songs and how to approach getting sponsored by an ukulele company. We've been alluding to it and giving hints here and there, but the new UU Shop is finally open for business. Aldrine explains what is in the shop, and what is planned to come to the shop in the future. The podcast is topped off with the team showing their songs for the secret Santa Songwriting challenge. This is the last UU Live Stream of the year, so we hope everyone has a great Holidays, and we'll see you on January 7th, 2022!

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 At least 50% Ukulele Podcast

2:20 Advice for people whose Skin Reacts to Fretwires

6:25 Cleaning Your Fretboard

10:30 Plastic Ukuleles and Plastic Fretboards

11:45 How do I convince my wife that I should get a Tenor Ukulele?

18:05 Why is 5/4 time not written as 5/5?

22:30 How do you suggest learning a new song?

24:40 Can you demonstrate a 5/4 song?

25:45 Would you learn a Solo song the same way?

28:05 Depends on the Song (Memorizing Chord Patterns)

31:00 Knowing Chord Families Helps (Most songs have chords)

32:40 If you want to get sponsored, how would you reach out to an Ukulele Company?

41:25 Partial Sponsorships

48:35 The UU Shop is OPEN!

50:05 Ukuleles Available on the UU Shop

55:25 Are the Ukuleles on the UU Shop setup? Is Merch and Islanders coming to the store?

57:20 The Secret Santa Songwriting Challenge

58:25 Aldrine's Reggae Christmas

1:02:25 Kahai's Lo-fi Christmas Beat

1:05:35 Aaron's "Not Daughters" Christmas Song

1:13:30 Christmas Bundle on Sale, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year (UU will be back January 7, 2022)

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  1. Hi,

    A hack some people use to be able to wear cheaper necleses is to coat it with transparent nail-polish.

    I would not recommend it of you have a expensive ukulele… But if you have a cheaper one, I would try it. Nail polish is easily removed with a small amount of acetone on one of those plastic stick cotton swabs thingies.

    Just put some tape that doesn’t harm the fretboard next to “metal-stick” on all sides and coat it with a thin even layer.

    There are probably better ideas out there, and better coatings, maybe this might spark some ideas for you.

    Kind regards

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