Vocal Range, Backing Tracks & Pickup Suggestions

This week, we're Looping back to pickup recommendations. At the start of the podcast, Aldrine has a very important request for our global audience. Next, the guys give their best tips for figuring out your vocal range. Someone asks who wrote the latest Uke Lesson song, and another viewer asks where they can find looping or backing tracks? Aldrine gives his pickup recommendations and the team tries to help someone who wants to try Authentic Hawaiian Ukuleles, but cannot easily access them. The audience ask if Aaron will ever be on camera, and why Kahai wears an apron in the intro? The podcast is topped off with the guys picking their Secret Santa Songwriting Challengers, Reminding Everyone of the New Christmas Songs, and giving an update to the last livestream of the year.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Trade Pokemon with Aldrine

4:10 Secret Santa Songwriting Challenge

6:10 How do you find the right key for your vocal range?

11:40 Figuring out your range from songs you already know

15:35 Hawaii doesn't do Daylight Savings, so be careful of the time difference

17:35 Who wrote Christmas Luau?

19:05 Looping and Backing Tracks to Play to

23:55 Using Looping and Backing Tracks for Practice

27:10 Pickup Recommendations

35:50 There's No Perfect Pickup

37:35 Wanting to try Authentic Hawaiian Ukuleles, but living in a remote area

44:35 Aldrine's New Song

47:00 Will Aaron ever jump on the camera? Why does Kahai wear an apron in the intro?

48:50 New Songs, Picking Our Secret Santa, December 17th is the last UU Livestream of the Year

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