Learn to play "All My Loving" (The Beatles) on Ukulele

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Hey UUers!

The new year is here and for the first monthly Uke Lesson, we're bringing it back to the old school with "All My Loving" by The Beatles. This one is a really fun song to sing and strum on the ukulele, with a simple but quick picking right in the middle. Try it out by playing along with the "All My Loving" Ukulele Play-Along above! And if you need help learning this song, start with any of the steps below:

STEP 1 - Chords

Begin by learning these 5 simple Verse chords:

All My Loving Ukulele Chords Verse
Em(0432), A7(0100), D(2220), Bm7(2222), G(0232)

Be sure to memorize how to hold each chord and practice switching in between them. The toughest chord here is Bm7 where you need to be sure to move your thumb from the side of the fretboard to the back of the neck for stability. Pay special attention to the switch between D and Bm7 and make sure you can make the transition quickly and smoothly.

The Chorus chords are a little tougher to hold but easier to remember:

All My Loving Ukulele Chords Chorus
Bm(4222), BmMaj7(3222), Bm7(2222), D(2225)

In order to play the chorus, you'll need to really get used to playing bar chords. A quick tip for barring your pointer finger across all strings: make sure that the main knuckle of your finger is NOT on the fretboard. If you're not getting a clean sound from your bar chord, your knuckle is most likely on the fretboard or you need to play around with finger placement. Try it out and see what works for you.

Once you've learned these two sets of chords, go back up to the top of the page and play along with the "All My Loving" Ukulele Play-Along to practice. After that, feel free to move on to Step 2:

STEP 2 - Rhythm / Strumming

Next, add a simple strum to your chords. Start by strumming down on the main "heartbeat" of the song. After that, double up the strums and add up strums in between the downs. From there, add or remove strums or emphasize certain strums. Alternately, there is a quick, constant strumming that you can use during the verses that emulates the rhythm of the second guitar in the original recording.

During the chorus, the chords are played using short, emphasized strums. Try to match the rhythm and play them in any way that comes naturally to you. Aldrine gives a full breakdown on how he plays the rhythm for this song in the video above.

When you've figured out a strum that works for you, practice it by playing along with the "All My Loving" Ukulele Play-Along at the top of the page. Great job, you can play the whole song! If you want to add the final element to this song, continue on to Step 3:

STEP 3 - Picking

Finally, learn to play the picking that happens in the middle of the song. In the video above, Aldrine shows you how to play the picking step-by-step. Feel free to refer to the "All My Loving" Ukulele TAB sheet as a reference, if you need even more help.

And for more practice, check out the picking practice slow down video below (with 50%, 75%, & 100% speeds):

When you've learned the picking, try it out using the "All My Loving" Ukulele Play-Along at the top of the page and play along with the entire song. Awesome job!

If you like this song, be sure to check out our tutorial for "Let It Be" by The Beatles as well as our full archive of Beatles Songs for Ukulele. Happy New Year, UUers. May the new year bring you more ukulele & musical fun! Keep strummin'

-UU Staff


  1. I really love the way you did the instructions on the picking it was very helpful how you explained it and then you did the slow and fast video you guys are all awesome I’m very much grateful for you guy’s having this Lesson even though I’m on the road as a truck driver I always get to take some time and do my Lessons because of this videos you guys are by far the best teachers out there I was really having a bad time in my life then I found ukulele underground and it really did change the way I feel about life I think anybody who is having any kind of issues in there life needs to pick up a instrument and just start playing I think GOD for ukulele underground keep it up and pass it along.

  2. I just LOVE YOU GUYS.?
    Brilliant tutoring
    Brilliant, easily explained and to follow.

    A grateful and appreciative 74year old guy who loves uses!
    Paul ????

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