New Streaming Schedule, Effect Pedals, Mics Vs Pickups

Before we tackle the classic debate of Mics Vs Pickups, we have a big announcement for Ukulele Underground Streams. This is the last Ukulele Underground Podcast to be streamed on Thursday. The podcast will now alternate with the Aloha Friday Jams on Fridays. The guys explain why the change, and what that means for UU as a whole. The discussion of Mics vs Pickups is started when OG Member, Jim, ask what effects does Aldrine love or hate? Aldrine lists his go to effects and pedals, and what effects he uses for studio recording. We get into the main topic of the podcast by describing one of the major downsides of pickups: the dreaded thump. The team then explains the pros and cons of performing with a microphone. Aldrine recounts his early experiences with pickups, and how he does soundchecks now. It's ironic that as we give the tip to not overcomplicate your set ups, we experience Audio problems. We won't be here next week, but we will be back on the following Friday. Send in your questions during the week off, so we can jam-pack the next podcast.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Feel free to ask us any questions

2:25 Mike is a Wealth of Music Knowledge

6:35 The Podcast will no longer be streamed on Thursdays (Now on Fridays, Alternating with Jams)

11:50 The Podcast is going to be Streamed Publicly

15:35 The UU Marketplace is coming back (More Big Projects Incoming)

19:20 Live Coaching and the Open Mic are still on the Same Day and Time

21:55 What effects does Aldrine Love or Hate?

30:35 Effects for Studio Recording

32:45 Plugging in vs Mics (The Thump)

36:00 Performing with a Microphone

41:15 The Downsides of Mics and Early Pickups

49:05 Do you always plug in to an amp? (Soundchecks)

53:10 Don't Overcomplicate it

1:01:15 Speaking of Audio Problems :/

1:01:35 Secret Santa Song Challenge, See You Guys Next Next Week

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