Ukulele Genres, Following Grooves, and Lo-fi Jamming

Do, or Do Not Groove, there is no try. A famous, small, green man once said these words, but this week, we are diving in to Groove. For the first Friday Podcast, the UU gang discusses what Genres are suited for ukulele, and what genres are overlooked on ukulele. When someone asks if they will get used to calluses on their fingers, the team argues the benefits of calluses, and gives some suggestions if you want to avoid them. Aldrine and Aaron demonstrate finding and following the Groove. The boys give tips for learning the notes on your fretboard, and how you can apply it to your playing. Aldrine shows off his nails and discloses his strict nail regiment. The podcast is topped off with tips for jamming to Lo-fi.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 First Friday Podcast

3:35 What Genre is suited for Ukulele?

6:55 What is an overlooked Genre on Ukulele?

14:25 Will I ever get used to Calluses?

20:50 How do you know what to strum for different songs?

22:45 Following Groove Example

27:30 Finding the Groove (with or without your Ukulele)

37:20 If you mess up, how do you get back in the groove?

41:20 How do you learn the notes on your fretboard?

43:10 Applying fretboard knowledge to playing (Figuring out Inversions)

47:25 How Long are Aldrine's Nails, and how does he maintain them?

51:45 Lo-fi Jamming Tips

56:30 Playing Chords without Knowing their names

1:01:00 Using Pentatonic Scales to Pick

1:04:35 What is Lo-fi?

1:07:40 Come back in two weeks for another podcast

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