Tonewood vs Construction, Recommendations, and Budgets

Magic Mike is back this week to share his top tier tips for buying an ukulele. Before that, we pick Mike's brain by asking whether tonewood or construction affects an ukulele's sound more. After taking a slight detour to 90's wrestling, we get back on topic when Mike throws out a question about Kanile`a's bracing. Aldrine inquires Mike on what ukuleles tourist gravitate towards? Mike give his recommendations for common uke requirements from tourist. UU Strolls down Memory lane when the topic of old pressboard hard cases is brought up. Kahai ask Mike for his picks of starter ukuleles, and how much should people save before buying an ukulele? A member asks if how an ukulele ages should be considered before buying it? Aldrine tries to stump Mike with a word association game on the most notable ukulele brands. We get one final ukulele accessory recommendation from Mike before closing out the podcast.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 How is Mike doing?

2:20 How much does Tonewood vs. Construction affect sound?

5:55 Honky Tonk Man's Guitar Bracing

9:10 Brand's Signature Sound

12:20 Fine tuning your sound with Tonewoods

16:35 Kanilea`s Bracing

20:10 Even Wood from the Same Tree can Sound Different (Brazilian Rosewood)

22:50 What ukuleles do Tourist Gravitate towards (Mike's Buying Guide)

26:30 Historical Ukulele Builders

30:40 History and Innovation (How Current Music can affect the Builder)

34:40 Mike's Recommendation for Starting Ukuleles

38:20 Old Hard Cases

45:00 How much should someone save before buying an ukulele?

46:45 Super Markets and Convenience Stores

50:35 Should you consider how much the wood will age when buying an ukulele?

57:00 Describe each of the Major Ukulele Brands with one word

1:03:25 What Ukulele accessory should we know about?

1:09:25 New UU+ Solos Tomorrow (Fingers Crossed)

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