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It's a relaxed podcast this week. Because Joe Souza joined last week, the guys turned up the professionalism. Now that it's back to only the UU team, we can make all the 90's, cartoons, and anime references we want. Speaking of 90's, we start by discussing other uke podcast that don't make 90's cartoon references. A member asks the team for Hawaii tourist stop recommendations catered to ukulele players. The guys suggest factory tours, music shops, and local shows. When giving a Student Review, UU argues that playing relaxed can make your jazz playing sound more authentic. The gang reviews the latest Songwriting Challenge Submissions before announcing the winners for that, and the September Ukulele giveaway.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Back to Being Relaxed

3:00 Other Ukulele Podcast

6:30 Oasis Show at a new time

9:20 Recommended Stops for Uke Players (Factory Tours)

13:40 Music Shops on Oahu

17:25 What to do on Kauai

21:35 How meeting people is different now

26:40 Robb's Student Review: Relaxed

30:30 Ukulele Positioning

32:50 Critiquing people's technique

36:00 Reviewing the Songwriting Challenge Submissions

45:55 Announcing Winners

50:45 Open Mic, New Lesson, New Solo coming soon, Virtual Workshops and Concerts

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