Reforest Hawai`i, Planting Koa, & Sustainable Tonewoods

Planting Kuleana or responsibility; how are we being responsible for the land and the environment? This week, Uncle Joe Souza joins us to talk about planting Koa, Sustainably harvesting wood, ukulele features and more. But first, the podcast starts off with a walk down memory lane for Aldrine and Joe, and an introduction to Joe and Kanile` ukuleles. Joe then tackles the questions of why Reforest Hawai`i was created, and what are the plans for the trees that are planted? He also explains the benefits of planting Koa trees, and how Koa trees are raised and harvested. A member ask Joe if he thinks Koa will become a protected wood species, and what are other tonewoods that are sustainably harvested? There's also a spicy question about Kanile`a's sand inlays and their plans for new ukuleles. Joe is a great friend and a wealth of knowledge, so this is definitely a podcast you'll want to watch or listen to.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 The Legend, Uncle Joe Souza (Two Bears Hugging)

2:50 When did Joe and Aldrine meet?

7:10 Aldrine and Joe Collaborating on Ukuleles

14:40 Aldrine's Favorite Memory with Joe

15:10 Joe's Favorite Memory with Aldrine

18:25 Who is Joe and Kanile`a? (Planting a Seed)

24:20 Why was Reforest Hawai`i created, and what are the plans for the Koa trees planted?

28:35 How many ukuleles can be made from a Koa tree?

31:00 The Environmental benefits of Reforest Hawai`i

35:25 How Reforest Hawai`i is changing Land Management

38:10 How are Koa trees planted and raised?

43:00 How is Koa Harvested? Can you Harvest Koa on Private Land?

46:55 Do you think Koa will ever be a protected species like Brazilian Mahogany?

49:30 What tonewoods are Sustainably harvested? (The Future of Sustainable Woods)

56:05 Isn't there some "Kapu" about using Hawaiian Sand? (How do you harvest Sand)

1:02:05 Are there plans for new features like the D-Series Kanile`a?

1:06:15 What can we expect from Kanile`a in 2022?

1:10:05 What makes a Deluxe Kanile`a?

1:13:55 Check out Kanile`a and Reforest Hawai`i

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