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Are there Right and Wrong ways to hold chords? It's a pretty common question that we've been asked before, but on this podcast we try to solidify where UU stands, and what we mean when we teach you the "Right" way to hold a chord. Before that, we give a quick student review, and some suggestions on Bass Tone. A member is taught an Alternative way to hold G, and asks if it's right or wrong? Aldrine tries to show the pros and cons for holding G either way. Kahai brings up that there is usually a reason why certain ways to hold chords become the standard for most players. We use the toolbelt analogy again, and remind everyone to use the right tool for the job. When another member asks if it's ok to play Em with your pinky, we go into a deeper discussion of enjoying your time learning the ukulele, and not trying to find the Secret to Instant Improvement. The topic of Instant Improvement leads the guys to examine Music Trends, Ukulele Clickbait, and Social Media as a whole. The podcast ends with an announcement that there is no Jam tomorrow, but Live Coaching is still happening. The team will be back next week with something spooky.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 The Town Hall Meeting is in Session

1:50 Kathy's Student Review: Good Groove

4:00 Bass Suggestions (Bass Tone)

8:15 G Chord Alternative (The Pros of Playing the Standard G)

15:05 There's a Reason why there's a standard way to play chords

22:00 Keep it in your tool belt, just use your hammer for nails

25:15 Is it ok to play Em with your pinky finger?

30:20 There's no Secret to instantly improving your playing (Enjoy the Ride)

36:45 Playing Songs will make you a better player (Don't Overlook fun Songs)

43:55 There's no right or wrong, just different possibilities (Except when it hurts)

49:30 Don't get caught up with music fads

53:35 Ukulele Clickbait (and Social Media)

1:05:00 No Jam Tomorrow, Live Coaching is Still Happening

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