Open Mics, Honing Your Performance, Overcoming Nerves

In the words of Bob Ross, "We don't make mistakes, we have happy accidents." This week UU is giving tips on performing and nerves. We start of the podcast with Aaron recounting his time off, and a little shout-out to UU original member, Russbuss. A UU member talks about stage fright, so Aldrine shares his own performance anxieties and pre-show routine. We also hear about Aldrine honing his performance abilities at Open Mics. The guys give some examples of how the audience won't remember your mistakes, and how mistakes can even become fun memories. With all the talk of performing, the team reminds everyone of the next UU Open Mic, the Spooky Aloha Friday Jam, a Secret Santa Songwriting Challenge, and an Upcoming Song lesson.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 A mostly Ukulele Podcast (Aaron's Back)

4:10 OG UUer: russbuss

6:25 Tips for getting over nerves

9:30 Pre-show routine (Just Use the Bathroom a lot)

12:05 Aldrine honed his craft at open mics

19:15 Did you play something different at each open mic?

22:40 Audience don't remember mistakes (Being your harshest critic)

27:45 Performing Hawaiian Music (The exception)

31:10 Hawaiian Pronunciation

36:10 Kauai Open Mics ("Missed" Connections)

38:25 Even big mistakes can become great memories

45:55 Don't be afraid of Mistakes, Roll with it

54:30 Play a Song You Know Well

57:10 Will Kahai perform at the open mic?

1:00:25 Secret Santa Song Challenge, Spooky Jam (New Lesson & Open Mic Next Week)

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TLL Podcast #88 – Who’s Your UU Santa?
UU+ Forums - Secret Santa Songwriting Challenge
Aloha Friday - October 30, 2020 Spooky Jam Replay

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