Auto Wah Vs Manual Wah, Top 5 Instrumentals, & Mastering Anything

The "Masters" are back this week to show you how to "Master" the Ukulele (not really). The guys open the podcast by explaining why they don't like to use the word, "Master." A Student Review kicks off a discussion on Wah Pedals. Another member asks the team what are their favorite ukulele instrumentals? With so many choices, Aldrine manages to narrow it down to his top 5. Aaron gives a more personal answer, and Kahai names his Top 2 instrumentals while escaping the cops. Someone challenges Aldrine's "Master" credentials by asking about the Hawaiian Triplet, Tin Pan Alley Triplet and Kimo Hussey. This also brings up who Aldrine would add to his Infinity Gauntlet of Ukulele Teachers. The podcast ends with reminders of the UU+ Giveaway, Seasons of the Ukulele Contest, Special Guest, and Songwriting Challenge.

September UU+ Giveaway (Official Rules)

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 The TUUP (The Most Factually Accurate Podcast)

3:40 It's hard to call ourselves "Masters"

8:45 Renee's Student Review: Wah Pedal Discussion

10:30 Play to a Pedal's Strengths

14:10 Auto Wah vs Stick Shift Wah

17:35 Aldrine's Wah Settings

20:00 Play Around with your Pedal's Settings

22:05 What are your Favorite Ukulele Instrumentals?

23:00 Aldrine's Top 5

28:55 Aaron's Favorite Version of Crazy G

29:15 Kahai's Top 2

30:55 Honorable Mentions & Music Genealogy

37:40 Can you discuss Triplets? (Kimo Hussey Triplet)

41:35 Hawaiian Triplet

43:05 Who would Aldrine learn from?

47:00 Difference between Tin Pan Alley and Hawaiian Triplet

51:50 Just because you're good at one thing doesn't mean you're good at everything

54:35 UU+ September Giveaway

58:40 Seasons of the Ukulele and UU Public Forum

1:02:50 Special Guest, Joe Souza is coming September 30th

1:05:00 Songwriting Challenge #30
Write an Intro Theme Song

Bonuses (Optional Prompts):
90’s TV Show Intro
Key of D

Chord Prompts:
I V vi IV
D A Bm G


UU Team Deadline: September 16 September 23
Members Deadline: September 23

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