Playing while Sitting, Playing while Standing, Double Course Ukes & STRAPS

To Strap or Not to Strap, that is the question. This week's podcast is all about Straps: playing with them and playing without; the pros and cons; and the different types of Straps. Before the podcast ends, the guys also get in some questions about Double Course Ukuleles (5-8 String Ukuleles).

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 We were always live

2:50 Aldrine can't wear light shirts

6:15 Win this Ukulele

16:40 To Strap or Not to Strap?

18:00 Holding the Ukulele on Your Lap

22:15 Pro No Strap (Playing while Sitting)

24:00 Pro Strap (Playing while Standing)

25:35 Using Your Strap on Someone Else's Uke (Convenience)

31:05 Aldrine let Someone Play his Uke

33:45 Afraid of Dropping your Ukulele (Play a Cheaper Uke)

40:15 Is it ok to tie the Strap to the Headstock? (Different Types of Straps)

45:30 Changing Positions (Fingerpicking to Strumming)

47:45 Why does Strumming and Fingerpicking have different positions?

51:05 Jim's BIG Question

52:05 Does Aldrine have double stringed ukuleles?

53:15 Multi Stringed Ukuleles are only good for strumming: True or False?

55:00 Being Louder in a Group isn't always Better

1:02:10 Next Week: Are there Double Course Specific Techniques?

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