Recording Order, Jam Customs, Ukulele Groups & Intro Songs

Do you want a Jam BFF? This week the guys list their Do's and Don'ts for a good Date Jam. Before they show you how to be a smooth Jam Partner, the team answers a question about the recording order of instruments, and explain why it's usually better to record the Rhythm Section first. UU tackles what you can do when the group you're playing with starts to become "repetitive". A very serious question of, "what uke would you be?" is asked. Topping off the hour, the guys play their songs, make a call to action for uke clubs, and remind everyone of next week's guest and giveaway. You don't want to miss it!

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 No Ito En Sponsor Yet

2:30 2:30 In what order should you record the instruments for a song?

6:35 How Aldrine used to record songs (Why you should record the rhythm section first)

10:55 How Beatmaking is different now

14:55 How do you become Jam Buddies with someone?

18:45 Starting a Jam is like Dating (Ease into it)

22:50 Go to a Jam prepared (Bring a Music Folder or Book)

25:20 If an Ukulele Group is repeating the same songs should you quit?

30:30 Incorporate more complex skills and techniques

33:35 If you were an Ukulele, what kind of ukulele would you be?

35:35 Aldrine's Teacher Uke, and the UV Silk Finnish

39:45 Sign up to UU+ for a chance to win this Uke!

42:45 Songwriting Challenge #30

Write an Intro Theme Song

Bonuses (Optional Prompts):
90’s TV Show Intro
Key of D

Chord Prompts:
I V vi IV
D A Bm G


44:15 Aldrine's Song: Uncle Kahai's Shave Ice Land

47:55 Kahai's Coming of Age Song

50:45 Aaron's 70's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

55:55 Special Guest, Joe Souza, coming next week

58:10 A Call for Ukulele Clubs

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