Supporting Sopranos, Knowing Scales & Playing from Imagination

This week the team discuss Fundamentals that are often overlooked, but necessary. The podcast is jumpstarted with a reminder of the Songwriting Challenge, and an announcement of a future guest. Aldrine tackles last week's cliffhanger question with an example of Kalei adapting to a double course ukulele. We get to the meat of the podcast when a member asks how to hold the Soprano? Holding your Ukulele Fundamentals are reviewed, and UU restates the importance of having a good foundation. Someone asks for fun ways to know your scales better, and the team explains the practical applications for knowing your scales. For the last question, another member asks how to approach learning a song. UU brings up another foundational skill of listening and imagining what a song sounds like. The podcast concludes with news of upcoming events, and a reminder of the ukulele giveaway.

September UU+ Giveaway (Official Rules)

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Please Excuse the Ricola ASMR

1:50 Songwriting Challenge #30 and Special Guest: Joe Souza
Write an Intro Theme Song

Bonuses (Optional Prompts):
90’s TV Show Intro
Key of D

Chord Prompts:
I V vi IV
D A Bm G


UU Team Deadline: September 16
Members Deadline: September 23

11:00 Are there techniques specific for double course ukulele?

18:30 Using the Right Tool for the Job

20:30 How do you hold the Soprano?

24:20 How do you hold the Soprano while Standing?

27:45 Ukulele Holding Fundamentals

32:15 How do you keep from strangling the neck of your uke? (Don't force it)

35:15 Good Fundamentals leads to better playing (Time doesn't equal proficiency)

40:05 What are ways to get to "Know" your scales better?

44:30 What the practical use of "Knowing" your scales?

48:30 Getting off the Scale Track, Throwing Improv Hooks

54:30 How do you approach learning a song?

1:02:40 Listening and Imagine what songs sound like

1:06:50 Hunt and Pecking Melodies

1:12:20 Upcoming Events, SC Deadline, UU+ Giveaway

References/Resources for this video:
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Website - Kanile`a Ukulele
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Website - Saving Hawai`i's Forests

TUUP #30 - To Strap or Not to Strap?
UU Blog - 6 String Ukulele vs. Guitalele
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Youtube - Andy Mckee
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Youtube - Audiation: Play What you Hear
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