Performance Tips, Nerves, The Zone, and Minimizing Quack

How do you overcome Stage Fright, and enter the Flow State? Aldrine starts off by suggesting a thought exercise to help focus during a performance. Kahai gives a tip from a magician, and while Aaron doesn't get stage fright, he still talks through things that help keep him calm. Aldrine then explains why Liquid Courage doesn't work for him, and Kahai reassures that most audience members won't even remember your mistakes. The guys go to the opposite end of the performance spectrum, and discuss the Zone or Flow State . They examine what it is, their theories on why it happens, and when it is most likely to happen. For the latter half of the podcast, the team tries to tackle the infamous ukulele "Quack" and how you can minimize it. They give their best tips for playing and recording practices to reduce the unwanted sound. This leads to a couple of tangents before the podcast is finished with a request for UU Shirt Suggestions.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Next Week's Aloha Friday Jam is on Instagram

4:05 How do you overcome Stage Fright?

6:35 Imagine Playing for One Person

10:25 Start with an Easy Opener

13:00 Play for your Friends or Someone you know

14:40 How does Aaron deal with nerves (from sports)?

20:30 Worst Advice: Liquid Courage

22:00 Prepare for Mistakes; Most audience won't remember your mistakes

23:50 The Flow State

33:10 How do you minimize the "Quack" when recording ukulele?

40:30 Everything can effect your sound (Players who play "Around" the Quack)

42:45 EQ and Post Processing

51:00 Ukuleles and Guitars are two different instruments

56:05 The more you know, The more you don't know

1:01:05 Send in Suggestions for Ukulele Underground Shirts

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