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For a podcast on Musical Maturity, we had to bring back one of the most "Mature" Musicians we know, Magic Mike. Before we dive into the importance of Musical Maturity, we ask Mike who his favorite street fighter character is and if he has a UU Shirt? This leads the crew to talk about the history of UU shirts and some of the rarest UU shirts. Mike shares his backstory of performing and how he got into music education. Members ask for help identifying what key their song is in. We bring back a Jazz comping question from last week to get Mike's take. This segues into Musical Maturity, giving bandmates suggestions, and when bands replace their members. The guys finally face the music, and show their Songwriting Challenge songs. The podcast is topped off with Mike trying to get the team to record an album, and giving a heads up for the upcoming events on UU.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Guess who's back, back again, Mike's back, tell a friend

2:40 Who is Mike's favorite Street Fighter character?

4:00 Does Mike have a UU Shirt? (Rare UU Shirts, the Start of UU)

15:25 When did Mike start performing?

26:25 Does it really matter if a song is in a Minor or the relative Major Key?

31:55 The Importance of a Steady Rhythm and Groove

34:25 How do you comp Jazz for ukulele? (Jazz Rhythm History)

41:30 Does most modern music follow a hierarchy of rhythm?

43:35 How would Mike comp? (Musical Maturity)

47:10 Clashing chords: how do you suggest your bandmate play simpler?

50:05 Replacing members in bands

53:55 Songwriting Challenge #29
Write about Food

Make a “Happy” minor Song, or a “Sad” Major Song
Key of F

Chord Prompt Suggestions:
F Bb C (Key of F)
Dm Gm Am (Key of Dm)
Fm Bbm Cm (Key of Fm)

54:20 Aldrine's Song

57:30 Kahai's Song

1:00:50 Aaron's Song

1:04:35 The Songwriting Challenge Album (We're Our Harshest Critics)

1:09:10 Tending to Business: Open Mic, Upcoming Live Stream Break, New Lessons

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