Theme Songs, Musical Heroes, the Cruz Family, & Woodshedding

Would you meet your Heroes? This week the guys recount experiences when they met Celebrities, and their Musical Heroes. Before we get to that, the last Songwriting Challenge Winners are announced, and a new Theme Song Challenge is set. Kahai starts this week's main topic by relating when he met Jake, and Loren Bouchard. Aaron shares how meeting Danielle ate the Sandwich went as he expected. Aldrine recaps how the Cruz family has personally helped him as a musician. The team spends the rest of the podcast talking about the struggles of learning music before the internet, and how this struggle and learning by listening can actually make you a better player. We've enjoyed meeting our Heroes and we hope you get the chance to meet yours.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Kahai is Bubble Boy

3:50 Songwriting Challenge #29 Winners

6:20 Songwriting Challenge #30
Write an Intro Theme Song

Bonuses (Optional Prompts):
90's TV Show Intro
Key of D

Chord Prompts:
I V vi IV
D A Bm G


13:25 Meeting our Heroes (Kahai's Experience)

18:30 一期一会 (Ichi-go Ichi-e)

23:05 Aaron's Experience

24:15 Aldrine's Experience

28:30 Aldrine meeting Guy Cruz

32:30 Aldrine meeting Ernie Cruz Jr.

34:15 John Cruz helping Aldrine

36:55 Take a chance to meet your Music Heroes

44:10 Learning techniques just from Listening

49:40 "First Time" Tapping was recorded on the Ukulele

52:20 Struggles of Learning before the Internet

1:01:10 Obsessive Practicing AKA Woodshedding

1:02:40 Next Open Mic: September 2nd

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