Clarinet Underground, Best Tonewoods, & Drum Tracks

Learn the origins of THE MANNY THE ROOSTER. This may not happen again, so take this opportunity to hear the backstory of UU's infamous celeb. The podcast starts off more light heartedly with Aldrine showing a present he received from Mike. Next, the guys give their individual picks for best tonewoods. They also discuss why tonewoods shouldn't be your only deciding factor, and sustainable wood alternatives. The team gives some tempo and panning advice to a member before talking about the one (and not so only), Manny the Rooster. The podcast ends with reliving old videos, an announcement for the next guest, and the "Final" due date for the songwriting challenge.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Aldrine's Shirt

2:25 Mike's Present (Clarinet Underground)

10:05 Clarinet to Ukulele

11:45 What are your choices for best tonewoods? (Aldrine's Picks)

17:15 Kahai's Picks (Try out the Instrument Yourself)

23:15 Aaron's Picks (Looks are important too)

26:05 Getting a cheap Ukulele can be good too? (Play your Ukes)

30:10 Each piece of wood is different (Sustainable alternatives)

35:50 Kathy's Student Review: Tempo & Panning

41:50 Use a Drum Track instead of a Metronome; Minor Modulation

45:00 What is Manny's Backstory?

51:45 Uke Got Mail, and Old Videos

58:25 Send questions for Mike, Songwriting Due Date: August 5th

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Youtube - Aldrine's Legend of Zelda medley
UU+ Forum - Songwriting Challenge Megathread (See Rules)
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